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Sarasota Bay through oak tree

Who We Are

CityPAC is a non-partisan municipal political committee that operates
in the open and accepts no dark money. 
We are not big business nor
out-of town developers.  
We are ordinary citizens who care about
the city of Sarasota's residents & quality of life

Steering Committee

Donna Moffitt · Chair
Shirl Gauthier · CityPAC Founder
Mollie Cardamone · former Mayor
Kelly Franklin · publisher
Jim Lampl · entrepreneur

Harvey Mishner, M.D. · physician

Eileen Normile · former city commissioner

David Sebring · technology executive 

Steering Commitee
Advisory Board

David Campbell · sustainable city advocate

Martha Chadwick · fundraiser

Joyce Cloutier · neighborhood advocate

Georgia Court · bookstore owner

Waldron Kraemer · attorney, performing arts supporter

Chris Goglia · data marketer

Jetson Grimes · community leader

Harmoni Krusing · downtown retailer

Dan Lobeck · attorney

Barbara Sassen May · realtor

Janet Minker · architecture advocate

John Mercer · government performance expert

Carolyn Michel · actor

David Morriss · architect

Lorrie Muldowney · historic preservationist

Charlie Nagelschmidt · management professor

Rob Patten · environmental conservationist 

Alan Rifkin · attorney

Donna Ristow · financial manager

Ron Shapiro · chemical engineer

Willie Shaw · former Mayor

Edna Sherrell · educator

Janet Stern Solomon, Ph.D. · mediator, author

 Ron Soto · business leader

 Betsy Sublette · realtor

Joe Tortoretti · developer

Cramer Verde · strategic consultant

Ronald Meyer, Attorney for CityPAC
Meyer,  Blohm, and Powell, P.A., Tallahassee, FL





CityPAC is a nonpartisan political committee formed to:
  • Identify and support candidates for the public office of Sarasota City Commissioner who will seek to implement resident-friendly positions on issues relevant to a livable city.

  • Advocate for issues of importance to residents.

  • Inform voters about the issues and candidates who are resident-friendly.


Everyone who resides in Sarasota, appreciates our dynamic and walkable City, and wants a city that is a safe and pleasant destination for living, shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, culture, and more.

Who Should Care

who should care


People are the lifeblood of any city, and the building blocks of community and neighborhoods.  The growing City of Sarasota residential community has yet to achieve representation appropriate for its contributions to the local economy.

Given the residential building boom, and the impacts of growth, there is an increasing need for the city of Sarasota to be livable, vibrant, and sustainable.   


CityPAC seeks to help identify and support city commissioners who listen to residents, respect their input, and prioritize the needs of those who call Sarasota "home".

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