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Dolphin Fountain Bay Park
Candidate Evaluation Criteria
  1. The Sadowksi Creed for Public Service

  2. Positions on current civic topics.

  3. Public forums on at the Selby Library on March 28, July 18, & Oct. 8, 2024

  4. Willingness to pledge to forgo developer donations

Endorsement Committee

Mollie Cardamone · former city commissioner

Shirl Gauthier · CityPAC Founder

Jim Lampl · city resident

2024 Candidate Pledge

To ensure special interests don't cloud city decisions, CityPAC will be requiring, as a condition of endorsement, that candidates agree to this pledge:

“I will not knowingly accept contributions from developers or their agents.”

At a recent meeting of the CityPAC advisory board, former mayor Mollie Cardamone explained the source of the rules that guided her votes - the "Sadowski Creed" crafted by former state legislature Bill Sadowski.

We seek resident-friendly representatives who will honor Bill Sadowski's code
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